About Us

Our Story

We began our digital marketing journey 8 years ago. We quickly realized that it was a lot harder than it seemed. Digital Marketing required skills & knowledge in many different disciplines to be effective. You needed to have a good understanding of inbound marketing (PPC advertising) as well as outbound marketing (emails, phone calls).

While we were developing our skills we also reached out to various marketing companies along the way with mostly poor results. We soon came to realize that most of these companies didn’t have the necessary expertise and were simply throwing irrelevant statistics at us like number of clicks, impressions etc but they had no effect on our bottom line.

This led us down the path to becoming experts in digital marketing and we spent the next years mastering our skills. As our marketing became better we got requests from some of our customers to help them with their marketing and Rocket&Dash was born.

Our goal is to get new customers for our clients resulting in an easily measurable ROI. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best which is running their business while we focus on new customer acquisition. This is a win-win for us and our clients.

If this is something that you could benefit from then feel free to contact us today.

Our Team

Lawrence B

Founder & CEO

Gabbi D

Outbound Marketing Guru

Chad R

Inbound Marketing Ninja